LPCA Community Grants

Part of the LPCA’s mission is to promote charitable, cultural, educational, scientific, and social exchange and interaction between returned Peace Corps Volunteers and the community at large for the purpose of promoting cooperation, understanding and goodwill. To further this mission the LPCA has developed a Community Grants program.Last year LPCA awarded 2 small community grants, one to a PCV project and one to a local non-profit.

BienEstoy is a collaboration between Cooperativa Coopasi and PCVs in Misiones, Paraguay. The grant awarded to BeinEstoy went toward a regional health and wellness workshop for community youth. The wellness workshop teaches participants about the eight dimensions of wellness and how to define and achieve (or maintain) their own optimal state of well-being. This event was organized by Tulane University Masters International student Jazmine McKinney.

Green Light New Orleans (GLNO) invests their energy in people by assisting New Orleans residents in person, one household at a time. GLNO’s Backyard Vegetable Garden program was started in 2012 to help households learn how to grow some of their own food. New gardeners attend the basic “Intro to Organic Gardening” class at GLNO’s Edible Teaching Garden, a blighted lot that has been transformed into a demonstration food garden. The grant award went toward GLNO’s Edible Teaching Garden creative plant labels and signs to tell garden visitors the amount they can pick and the health benefits of each particular food. This project was submitted to the LPCA by Megan Bayha, GLNO’s Garden Coordinator, whose passion for gardening arose from her experience living in a small village in the Fiji Islands as a PCV.http://www.greenlightneworleans.org/backyardvegetablegarden

We would like to be able to award 2 grants again this year to other local non-profits and/or current PCV community projects; however, in order to do so we need to ask for your help. Currently we do not have enough funding in our operating budget to support 2 grants. If you would like to contribute to a few dollars to support our grant program please click the link below. Any amount can go a long way toward making a difference in our local and global community.

Thank you, LPCA Board

Join our Board!

Join our board
E-mail larpcv@gmail.com with a short blurb by September 1st!
The Communications Coordinator shall:
1. Maintain and update LPCA website.
2. Coordinate event updates and Social Media Campaigns on Facebook.
3. Be responsible for the distribution of the newsletter and distribute copies of mailing list to the Executive Board upon request.
4. Keep an updated copy of the official LPCA website calendar.
5. Propose changes to design, content, or format in communications with LPCA members to the Executive Board as necessary.
6. Train and turn over all login and password information to their successor during any transition and/or at the request of any Executive Board member.
7. Monitor and respond to social media messages and relay relevant information to the LPCA Executive Board
The Third Goal Coordinator and shall:
1. Be responsible for hosting (quarterly) third goal activities, with an emphasis on coordinating an activity during Peace Corps Week or International Education Week.
2. Lead or Co­ Chair the Committee for the planning of the Annual Peace Corps Festival in conjunction with the Social Chair.
3. Coordinate with the Peace Corps local recruiter and local university representatives to develop joint activities.
The Parade Planning Committee Chair shall:
1. Form and Chair the Parade Planning Committee.
2. Be responsible for reaching out to Krewe’s and procuring the contract with the designated Parade Organization.
3. Organize a sub­committee to brainstorm, collect materials, elevate the event’s participation and visibility from the prior years.
4. Communicate full logistics of the parade, dress, route etc. etc. to everyone well ahead of the event.
5. Arrive at the start of the event 2­3 hours early to check­in with Parade Organizers.
6. Ensure marchers have everything they need (within reason) for the parade, including rides to their cars after the parade.
7. Take or have someone take pictures of the parade to send out afterwards.
8. Collect suggestions after the parade for what did and didn’t work and any parade enhancement ideas.
The Advocacy Coordinator shall serve as the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) Advocacy Coordinator for the state of Louisiana and shall:
1. Sign up for NPCA’s advocacy listserv by emailing advocacy@peacecorpsconnect.org.
2. Be familiar with and stay up to date with the NPCA Advocacy program.
3. Assist NPCA Advocacy with outreach and mobilization leading up to and during the annual National Day of Action, on or about March 1st.
4. Assist NPCA Advocacy with promotion and activities pertaining to “Health Justice Awareness Day”, an annual activity in late June to raise awareness and engage our community on what we all can do to better support members who served in the Peace Corps and face ongoing challenges with injuries or illness stemming from their service.
5. Assist NPCA Advocacy once a year with outreach and mobilization during the District Meeting Advocacy Days initiatives, held during August and September each year.
6. Occasionally assist with targeted outreach and actions directed at key lawmakers from Louisiana.
7. Keep LPCA membership informed about advocacy issues and events through LPCA social media account(s) and by submitting relevant information to the Communications Coordinator through the LPCA Newsletter Submission Form.


Upcoming LPCA Events!

  • 3rd Quarter Board Meeting – Tuesday, July 19th at Bayou Beer Garden (326 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy) from 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Ethnic Food Dinner – Thursday, July 21st at Cafe Abyssiania (3511 Magazine Street) from 7:30-9 pm
  • Next Happy Hour – Tuesday, August 2nd at the Rusty Nail (1100 Constance Street) from 5:30-7 pm
  • Peace Corps Send-Off Party – Friday, August 26th at the Hey! Cafe (4332 Magazine Street) from 6:30-9 pm

Annual LPCA Crawfish Boil – Next Saturday, May 21st!

Calling all hungry LPCAers, friends, and family! The Annual LPCA Crawfish Boil is Saturday, May 21st, at The Fly. $20 will buy you all the beer, crawfish, and fixins you can handle, plus the added bonus of Peace Corps company! Any profits collected will go to the LPCA Community Grant Fund, which supports PCV and RPCV affiliated service projects here and around the world.

Bring your lawn games, chairs, friends, and family, and we’ll stretch out this day until we’ve sucked all the crawfish heads and tapped the keg! LPCA style.

Pre-purchase tickets (and help us with a head count) here:https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=PEHTC4XLKV43J — Apologies for the $.90 service charge.

Check out the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/278737345798274/