Mama Maji Walk this Sunday!!


There is an opportunity to volunteer with a non-profit organization here in NOLA called Mama Maji which does work in Kamrongo, Kenya. They have a two-part focus, one being to increase Kamrongo’s access to water, the second being women’s professional growth in Kamrongo (as well as here in New Orleans). They will be hosting an event to raise awareness of the organization and its work March 22nd. Members of the walk will be carrying buckets of water for 5k around the Audubon Park route to signify the walk many Kenyan women have to endure every day to access (usually unclean) water. Along the route we will also have educational stations explaining in more depth the struggle of women in areas like Kenya and Ghana to access water and their hike to bring it home everyday. Mama Maji will also be talking about the health issues that accompany the water crisis abroad.

If anyone is interested in walking in the event, or just coming and checking out all the cool stuff they have that day – please come! There will be some performances and artwork, yummy food, and awareness about something a lot of RPCVs have come across firsthand during their service.

The website for Mama Maji is

The fundraising page is:

There are two options for walking – one is to buy a ticket, which is $20 (this comes with a Mama Maji t-shirt!). Another is to become a fundraiser, which costs nothing. Any little amount helps, and spreading the word of Mama Maji’s work, and just in general the water crisis in so many countries around the world, is invaluable.

Interested members can contact Michela Schildts via phone (305 916 0175) or through email.

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