Louisiana Peace Corps Festival-Cheers for Charity

Louisiana Peace Corps Festival-Cheers for Charity
Thursday, July 23rd, 6-10 pm
@ the Rusty Nail

Calling All Local RPCVs! The first ever Louisiana Peace Corps Festival is scheduled for Thursday, July 23rd from 6-10pm at The Rusty Nail, in conjunction with our Cheers for Charity night. As a Cheers for Charity event, The Rusty Nail will charge full price for drinks during happy hour and give us the proceeds, which will go towards our Small Grant Fund. The Louisiana Peace Corps Festival will showcase the experiences of Peace Corps Volunteers, in the hopes of bringing in as many local RPCVs, friends, families, and general public as we can to achieve the Peace Corps Third Goal of sharing other cultures with Americans. This is where you beautiful people come in!

We need our local RPCVs to share their stories, in whatever medium you would like to use. We would like four Pecha Kucha (20 images x 20 seconds http://www.pechakucha.org) presentations, story slams, and at least one panel of Peace Corps Now & Then with some of our older, more seasoned local RPCVs. We are open to other panel ideas, any form of individual storytelling/ standup comedy/ poetry/ blog readings/ etc.

Please please please help us make this a great event, and contact Social Chair Sarah Mae with what you would like to do.

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