Help fund this revealing film examining our self-immersion in technology

Generation Y is suffocating under a net of labels cast by older generations: “selfish”, “entitled”, “apathetic”. In an endeavor meant to transcend these simplistic descriptions, Gen Why the Film’s creators turn to their peers in hopes of redefining and redesigning the true millennial experience.

We have a great deal of access to each other, but what are we actually sharing? By fostering a strong relationship with a varied sample of their peers, the creators aim to cultivate a compassionate environment in which millennials can join them in considering how proliferating technology shapes relationships, feelings, and choices. Moreover, GWTF will call upon a diverse group of professionals to scrutinize these confessionals. The film is intended to be poetic and participatory (without being indulgent) and will build itself on human vulnerability in order to cultivate an enlightened understanding of the Gen Y experience.

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