Happy 55th Birthday, Peace Corps!

Join us in celebrating #PeaceCorpsWeek2016 from Sunday, Feb 28th – Saturday, March 5th!

Join LPCA or renew your membership this week (click here) and you’ll be entered into a raffle! Spread the word to your fellow Louisiana RPCVs!

Events, Webinars, and encouraged social media posts to celebrate #PeaceCorpsWeek2016:

Sunday, February 28th: Social Media Post – #SelfieSunday from your PC community.

Monday, February 29th: Film Showing – Girl Rising (5-7:30 pCT, at Loyola University)
  • Social Media Post – #PeaceCorpsLeap for Leap Day
  • Webinar – Extending a 3rd Year of service (5-6 pCT)
  • Webinar – Legacy and Impact (2-3 pCT, with Cedar Wolf)

Tuesday, March 1st: Peace Corps’ Birthday!

Wednesday, March 2nd: Peace Corps QnA – with Julie Crow (11-3 pCT, Baton Rouge)

  • Webinar – Women’s History Month (11-12 pCT)
  • Webinar – Peace Corps and the State Department (12-1 pCT)

Thursday, March 3rd: Social Media Post – #ThrowbackThursday – What did joy look like in my site? #RPCV

Friday, March 4th: Social Media Post – #FlashbackFriday – What did joy look like in my site? #RPCV

  • Webinar – Let Girls Learn: How to Get Involved (Online)

BONUS: Monday, March 7th: Pelicans Game (7 pCT, Smoothie King Center)

  • LPCA will be watching the game from the Roost, which is a private space with a solid view of the court. Tickets are $20.75 to cover cost of the ticket plus a keg that we’re getting to enjoy during the game! You can find the Paypal link to get your ticket here. Once you’ve done that, please put a Y in the Paid column here. Friends and family welcome!

2016 Peace Corps Week

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