LPCA Classifieds

  • CDC has the authority to non-competitively select returned Peace Corps volunteers who have proof of non-competitive eligibility reinstatement for permanent appointments.
  • Appointment must be made within 1 year after the RPCV completes the qualifying service. The agency may extend the period for 2 more years to a total of 3 years if the RPCV, after the qualifying service, is in the military service; is studying at a recognized institution of higher learning; or has been involved in another activity that warrants an extension.
  • This employment opportunity is also available for Peace Corps staff who have completed qualifying service with the Peace Corps and have documented non-competitive eligibility.
  • Visit the RPCV website often to learn more about job openings and information sessions held a few times each year at CDC in Atlanta. You can also look for upcoming CDC job fairs hosted at our multiple locations throughout the United States (e.g., Atlanta, Cincinnati, Washington, D.C.).RPCVs may apply for any job listed at www.usajobs.gov. Learn more about CDC job opportunities on our Employment page.

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